Tronix DeFi is changing the rules of investing on the Tron network. Innovation and detachment from Ponzi schemes are our goals. Read the White Paper to see what we are doing.

The Mineable Secondary Tron

The Real World Investment Token

Tronix gives you access to a whole new world of investments on the Tron network. You own Tronix, you are a shareholder of a universe of legit dapps that will make you earn TRX. All the Tronix platforms and activities from partnerships will send 50% of the profits to the Tronix Liquidity Pool, and the correspondent amount of tokens will be burned.


Stake TRX to mine Tronix

Tronix uses the classic staking protocol to allow users to mine it. It's easy and inexpensive with a low fee of 10%, and you can mine as long as you want, then unstake, even partially. No need to withdraw, the mined Tronix is already in your wallet, updated live.


Tronix is changing the way you can do trading.

The Smart Tokens, a new protocol invented by Tronix allows you to virtually invest or trade real world assets.

TRX-BTC Trading

It does all the work by just sitting in your wallet

Store Tronix Smart Tokens in your wallet and you are virtually invested in real assets. No need to buy real Bitcoin, USDT, Gold, Silver. Tronix Smart Tokens virtualize your investment transforming your TRX in whatever asset you want. Let's start with Bitcoin and the Tronix Smart Token TXBIT.


Following the underlying asset

Tronix Smart Tokens simulate an investment in the underlying asset, for example Bitcoin, and follow the market moves of such asset. Your token balance will increase or decrease according to the market movements with the exact percentage factor. So if you are long on Bitcoin and it goes up 1%, your Smart Token balance increases by 1 %.

Tronix Smart Tokens are proudly created by the Ozmode Team
Tronix Smart Tokens Selection
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TXBIT - Based on TRX-BTC




ETST - Based on TRX-Ethereum

Coming Soon

TSST - Based on TRX-SUN

Coming Soon